The Movement Relationship: Rethinking our approach to exercise

Do you remember the dreaded beep test? We ran those lines it till our lungs or legs gave way. How about showing up late to gym class.. did you too have to do push-ups? For me, there were countless occasions of running laps after a game because the rugby match was lost. Or in soccer…

The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ): A whole body approach to jaw pain

In Osteopathy, the TMJ is often referred to as the “joint of expression.”  The only dual joint in the body, it allows us to communicate, breathe, chew, swallow and even throw up (sorry!)🤢🙊. What’s also fascinating about this area, is the role this structure plays in our overall balance of posture.  Have you experienced a…

my journey

My strength was once my weakness.  16 years ago I was quite literally hit into the direction of my career path. I was a passenger in a small car with no head rest that was rear ended. I suffered soft tissue injuries to my neck and back with an undiagnosed concussion. Being so tall (I’m 5’10”),…

About Me

Hi, I’m Trisha. A 5th year student of Manual Osteopathy and Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C). I spend most of my time with my lab-cross Marlin and learning how to grow brussel sprouts but this blog is for my love of human anatomy and movement and sharing my passion with you!

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