Welcome to my Athletic Therapy clinic in Mill Bay, BC. Here I work with individuals of all ages and abilities to restore health and relieve pain. As a practitioner, I take time to listen to your injury history, understand your unique goals and assist your body’s own natural process to help get back to a pain free lifestyle. Through a variety of manual therapy techniques, I work with your body to erase tissue strain and find enjoyment again in movement. Be it sport, work, or play I help to keep you doing what you enjoy most!

“Modalities are blended for each person’s needs, giving a uniquely interactive and personally tailored session each time.”

Through years of continued study and practice, I offer treatment based on your body’s own unique needs. One-on-one treatments are in the privacy of my home based clinic in Mill Bay on Monday, Thursday and Friday by appointment only.

Follow the link to schedule online now: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TGAWEX